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Office Cleaning
Office Cleaning

20 Superb Ways to Organize Your Office

Staff Writer
May 25, 2021
Staff Writer
May 25, 2021

A messy workplace can definitely bring your stress level a notch higher without you realizing it. With so many things to do and so little time to do them, it’s almost impossible to have a well-organized office. Fret no more because these office organization tips can help solve your problem.

1. Remove Everything from Your Desk

wiping the desk

Remove everything on your desk and give it a thorough wiping. You only need to put back the items that you use every day and nothing else. You also need to learn to throw away the useless things without regrets. You also need to tidy up before you go.

2. Create a Well-Organized Desk

organized work table

After streamlining your desk, it’s time to organize everything to avoid messing things up again. You can use containers, trays, or organizers to keep the items on your desk in their proper places – always. While you’re at it, make sure to organize your computer desktop as well.

3. Make Your Drawers Neat and Nice

organized drawers with dividers

Messy drawers waste your time in trying to find an item. You can gather the items that you usually use together and arrange them in one drawer – notepad and pen, stamp and stamp pad, etc. Have a drawer that solely contains personal items. Use dividers to keep things organized.

4. Sort Your Piles

sorted piles of papers

You will no longer collect piles of paper after organizing your office, but you still need to go through the old ones. You can do this a little at a time. Put the important papers in their right folder and dump the ones that you don’t need.

5. Assign Activities for Each Work Area

work area

Assign the type of activity that happens in each work area. Your desk is your main work zone. The binders and cabinet could be your reference area. The drawers and shelves could be your supply area. Try to furnish each work area with appropriate supplies and equipment.

6. Everything You Need Must Be Near You

table with gadgets

The supplies and equipment that you always use must be within reach so you don’t need to go far when you need them. Walking back and forth also consumes time, which you can use to do more productive things. Store or put away the things that you rarely use.

7. De-Clutter the Entire Office

office declutter

Take a look around in your office. Do you really need everything that you see? Take out all the things that you don’t need or have not been using for months, and see how much space you can recover. Dusty decorations and artificial plants – out they go.

8. Create a Color-Coded Filing System

color coded filing system

Functional office space has a well-organized filing system. You can use the color-coding scheme when organizing your files. You may use green for financial documents, red for medical, orange for personal, and so on. You can set the color according to your preference.

9. Set-Up a Mail Station

mail station

To control the incoming paper, you can designate separate hanging folders for the incoming mail, outgoing mail, bills, mail for filing, and others. When you receive a mail, put it in the proper folder to avoid clutter.

10. Put a Label

file labels

Aside from using a color-coding scheme, you also need to label your files, containers, drawers, and anything that needs labeling (just like in the old Batman series of Adam West). Even if you’re not there, the others will know where to find things.

11. Take Advantage of Your Wall Space

diy wall organizer

Use your wall space to create a hanging filing system. You can also use the wall to hang shelving, whiteboards, calendar, and other things. Let your creativity set to work and avoid putting too much on the wall.

12. Consider On-Demand Storage

diy on-demand storage

If you have a lot of stuff that you no longer need but can’t simply discard, you may want to consider on-demand storage solutions. This service is especially helpful when you don’t have enough space to store your stuff.

13. Keep the Wires Hidden

cable management

If your work table does not provide anything that allows you to hide the cords, be creative and find ways to hide them. You can also attach some binder clips at the side of your table to hold each wire.

14. Label Your Cords

cord labels

How often do you see your monitor suddenly turning dark just because someone pulled the wrong cord to unplug? You can avoid this by putting a proper label on the cords. You can also use colored tapes to create distinctions.

15. Convert an Old Box into a Shelf and Monitor Stand

monitor stand box diy

If you get packages regularly, you can choose a nice, sturdy box to convert into a monitor stand that doubles as a desk caddy. You can also use it as a shelf for your desk supplies to keep your work area neat and tidy.

16. Designate a Printing Station

office printing station

Assign a space in your office where you put your printer and things that you need for printing. This can prevent the messy appearance of your desk. You can put a wireless printer in a cabinet or other area when not in use.

17. Put Up an Open Shelving

open shelves ideas

Putting up open shelves to space next to your desk can allow you to stack books, magazines, and any folders or objects near you. Since the open shelves don’t have sidings, you can put any item of varying lengths to it. This can help you create a spacious desk.

18. Eliminate the Paper

piles of papers

It’s easy to collect piles of paper and lose your office space. To prevent losing your space, you need to control the clutter by segregating the papers at once. You can do what the paper says, file it, or shred it – no more clutter!

19. Arrange your Books

color-organized book shelves

Even though it’s already the digital age, you may still have some books in your office. You can organize your books according to size, color, genre, or whatever arrangement you prefer. Organizing it by color can add a dramatic effect to the room.

20. Learn to Automate Repetitive Tasks


Automating recurring or repetitive tasks, such as organizing meetings and restocking office needs, can save you time that you can use for other important undertakings. This also ensures that you will never miss any recurring tasks, which you could neglect at times.

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