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All About Bianco Lasa Marble

Marble Floor Cleaning Tips
Marble Floor Cleaning Tips
Staff Writer
November 13, 2021
Staff Writer
November 13, 2021
What's in the article?

Bianco Lasa is a type of marble that is known for its characteristics of having linear, almost brushstroke-like veins that are reserved for the natural stone. A slab of Bianco Lasa can set you back a moderate amount, depending on the material thickness, quality, and finish. The color of Bianco Lasa is enough to make the natural stone an ideal choice for many designers.

While Bianco Lasa, Carrara, and Calacatta share the same country of origin, Bianco Lasa is produced only by one quarry in the Laaser Tal area of Northern Region of Italy. Also known as the 'marble mountains,' the region is dotted with natural stone mountains where Bianco Lasa is extracted from. 

The natural stone of Bianco Lasa is well-weathered in that it resists frost and etching from the usual corrosive materials. The stone is also known to be firmer in hardness compared to Carrara, with its mineral composition having a compact structure that gives the stone specific textures. These characteristics make Bianco Lasa sought-after by architects and interior designers all over the world from Italy to Puerto Banús. 

marble adorned kitchen

Popular Uses

Bianco Lasa is typically used in countertops, flooring, and other marble accents around the home. Much like Statuario, the limited availability of this marble brings a high demand for the natural stone, drawing in designers and high-class clients to seek out the marble, and for good reason. Having Bianco Lasa countertops brings a touch of class to any kitchen.

Other than kitchen countertops, Bianca Laso is also used in vanities, swimming pools, bathrooms, and more, as long as the maximum size of the natural stone allows for it. For lightweight uses, the natural stone has no problem being exposed to weather and frosty conditions as long as the stone is well-polished and maintained. 

slabs of different marble on marble background

Care & Maintenance

In terms of care and maintenance, Bianco Lasa is recognized as a game changer for moist and weathered areas like outdoors, kitchens, and bathrooms. Bianco Lasa is a sturdy and resilient stone that has a higher durability than most other types of marble. When carefully maintained, Bianco Lasa can last for years without signs of deterioration. 

1. Avoid using harsh and abrasive solutions

As always, we don't recommend using any harsh chemical, acidic solutions, or abrasive scrubbers. Just because the natural stone is more resilient, doesn't mean it's immune to wear and damage. Harsh chemicals can corrode the varnish, leading you to have the marble repolished, which abrasive scrubbers can tear away at the stone, causing the surface to become uneven.

2. Wipe spills to prevent stains

As a general care, any spills that get onto the marble will need to be wiped away immediately before they stain. Bianco Lasa is still susceptible to hard water stains, soap scum, and mold, especially in moist locations like the bathroom.  Prevent these from ruining the color of your Bianco Lasa by wiping away stains before they set

slabs of different types of marble on marble background with leaf decorations

Other Facts about Bianco Lasa Marble

The natural stone has a world-standard thickness of 20mm, and no known maximum size, but most suppliers have their own specialty when it comes to producing Bianco Lasa for sale to use in homes and commercial spaces. While most natural stones are only suitable for lightweight applications, Bianco Lasa can withstand more weather and pressure from moderate use. 

The color of Bianco Lasa can be formed by numerous minerals, depending on availability, to create the stunning display of brushstroke-like patterns in the natural stone. Graphite and Tourmaline make up the veins that run along each slab of Bianco Lasa, although other minerals may be involved depending on where and how the stone formed. 

Choosing Bianco Lasa

While Carrara is the most popular form of marble in Italy, Bianco Lasa is not to be unnoticed as the stone provides a different, unique, and striking display of colors and textures that can make any home classy and timeless. As with many of the natural stone materials, this stone provides a cooling vibe coupled with a smooth, shiny surface to bring a touch of elegance into any space.

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