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All About Calacatta Marble

Marble Floor Cleaning Tips
Marble Floor Cleaning Tips
Staff Writer
November 11, 2021
Staff Writer
November 11, 2021
What's in the article?

A type of white marble, Calacatta is known for its stunning display of a crisp, clean background - almost glowing in whiteness, and its few but large swirls of gray. Per square foot, Calacatta Marble has one of the most expensive price tags due to rarity and aesthetic. 

Calacatta Marble starts its formation much like any other marble slab, but this type of marble can only be found in a vast mountain range located in the Carrara region in Italy. Due to its rarity and the exquisite design of its bold veining, Calacatta Marble is most sought-after by interior designers, architects, and marble craftsmen. 

There are some producers of Statuario Marble that interchange the marble with Calacatta, but true Calacatta Marble formations have the signature clean, white background that cannot be mimicked by other natural stones. The thick, elegant veins also contribute to the hefty price tag of the marble, which differs from the much softer veining in other forms of marble. 

Popular Uses

As the Calacatta Marble is a stunning conversation piece, it is typically used in areas with high visibility such as countertops, ornamental pieces, and as floors for entryways. The marble is a sign of luxury, and is meant to be showcased in areas where viewers will get a sense of elegance from the room. 

In designer homes, Calacatta Marble is used in place of other marble slabs like Bianco Carrara Marble. Calacatta Marble can bring elegance to any room, even transforming a boring bathroom into one fit for a king! Kitchen countertops made from Calacatta Marble slabs create impressive centerpieces in the kitchen, and flooring made from Calacatta Marble outshines other marbles.

Due to the colouration, where Calacatta skews whiter than Carrara, the marble is used in a plethora of ornamental structures, such as in entryways of hotels, CEO boardrooms, and even in luxury swimming pools where Calacatta Gold Marble offers a look of elegance.

Natural Stone Care & Maintenance

Natural stone surfaces are generally low maintenance as water, oils, and stains can typically be wiped away with ease. However, different types of marble formations require different care and maintenance. Here are a few care tips for your Calacatta surfaces:

  1. Do not use acidic solutions on marble - The most basic rule in stone care is to keep acidic solutions away from marble surfaces. Acidity and marble do not go together, and you risk etching your luxury Calacatta with any acidic cleaning solutions like vinegar, lemons, and more. 
  2. Wipe away spills immediately - Any water spills, oil, and food stains should be wiped away immediately using a soft cloth to keep from staining the Calacatta. As marble is a naturally porous material, it can hold in particles that can cause staining on the white background. Have a cloth on hand for such cases to avoid stains and mold growing in the marble.
  3. Avoid cleaning with abrasive cleaners - Abrasive cleaners may do a great job removing stains, but they can also whack away the varnish and protective layer on your Calacatta Marble surface. Only use soft, smooth cleaning implements like cloths and sponges. Scouring pads and hard brushes can leave scratches that make your marble look dull, which is a crime to a luxury marble such as Calacatta.
  4. Use only marble cleaners - Marble cleaners were made for one specific purpose: to clean marble surfaces! Marble cleaners and cleaning solutions meant for stone surfaces are safe enough not to etch the surface, but tough enough to remove common stains. These cleaners are your safest bet in caring for your Calacatta surfaces.
  5. Have professional cleaning and repolishing - Professional cleaning is the best way to keep your marble surfaces clean and stain-free, without the worries of etching, scratching, or otherwise dulling out the surface. Professional cleaning services use only stone-safe solutions, and usually offer repolishing services to keep your Calacatta looking new even after decades of use!

Other Facts About Calacatta Marble

There are various types of Calacatta Marbles available on the market, with the colours of the veins ranging from gray to gold. The Calacatta Gold Marble presents slivers of gold and gray, and sometimes gold alone, amidst a crisp white background. The darkness of the gray veins also plays a part in the value of a particular marble formation. 

Some designers seek for a deeper gray veining, which contrasts beautifully against the glowing-white background. Others may prefer a softer gray, or more on the gold side, which blends with the background perfectly to form a timeless look.

Choosing Calacatta

In essence, Calacatta is a luxurious type of marble that is as rare as it is expensive. The exquisite marble is meant to be showed off, and appreciated for turning any room into one of elegance. Proper cleaning and maintenance are important in keeping the marble in good condition for generations to come, especially for a marble as precious as Calacatta.

Learning about the differences between different types of marble? Check out our blog to view other forms like Carrara, Tumbled Marble, and more!

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