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Best Floor Mop to Buy in Singapore - 2021 Review

Cleaning Tool Reviews
Cleaning Tool Reviews
Staff Writer
May 11, 2021
Staff Writer
May 11, 2021
What's in the article?

On the hunt for the best mop in Singapore? You’ve come to the right place!

In this latest review guide, we’ve handpicked the 5 best floor mops for your home — from best-selling favorites to game-changing additions to the floor cleaning lineup.

So whether you have ceramic, wood, tile or vinyl for your flooring, you can find the perfect choice that can do the job with ease and speed.

Top 5 Best Floor Mops to Buy in Singapore

1. Leifheit Profi System Mop

Leifheit Profi System Mop

Looking for a quality spinning mop? The Leifheit Profi System Mop is your best choice/

As a household name in Germany, Leifheit is famous for producing high-quality household cleaning products. And with the Profi System Mop, the brand extends its status as a leading household authority for all things cleaning.

The high and durable bucket of the system mop allows it to be transferred from room to room, making it an ideal choice for all-around home cleaning. The mop is thick and super absorbent, resulting in fast and easy floor mopping around the house.

2. White Magic Foot Press Spin Mop

White Magic Foot Press Spin Mop

If you’re on the hunt for a highly trusted floor map, then this one’s for you. The White Magic Spin Mop is one of the best-selling mops in the world. To date, it has sold over 8 million units, making it a popular choice among different households.

So what makes it a favorite among different types of cleaners? Well, it’s highly favored for its quality and durability. Additionally, its unique foot-operated drying is very fast and convenient. Each spin and mopping cycle is significantly faster and easier, making it a total breeze to clean with.

3. JML Ultimo Turbo Mop Set

The JML Ultimo Turbo Mop Set is one of the most recognizable mop units in Singapore. Why? It’s a highly effective mop made of durable, high-quality microfiber, making every round of cleaning easy and convenient. The mop is also able to absorb water at such a fast rate.

But what about its bucket? Well, it gets better. The Ultimo Turbo Mop’s bucket has a unique design that combines both soaking and spin-drying features in a two-level system. This makes it more compact and easy to carry around. Additionally, it’s also very highly durable, capable of withstanding high levels of temperature.

4. 3M Scotch-Brite T4 Press and Spin Mop

The 3M Scotch-Brite Spin Mop is a great addition to the lineup of best floor mops in Singapore. Its easy, simple to use feature allows it to mop any type of flooring with ease. The mop head’s microfiber texture is very good at getting rid of dirt and eliminating stains without tarnishing the surface.

5. 3M Butterfly Sponge Floor Mop

3M Butterfly Sponge Floor Mop

Looking for the perfect mop to clean tiny and quick spills? The 3M Butterfly Sponge Floor Mop is your best bet. Its squeeze-drying feature allows it to soak up water in an instant and dry itself in a jiffy. This is the perfect mop for cleaning a lot of tiny spills and stains around the house — from pet puddles, liquid spills and any type of dirt you can think of.

What Are the Different Types of Mops?

1. Wet string mop

A wet string mop is a common and traditional type of mop used for cleaning all sorts of floors and surfaces. This mop type is usually hard to wield around and carry because of its thick strings that can easily get tangled. Additionally, you need to squeeze them often to eliminate water and other types of liquid from the strings.

On the other hand, wet string mops are a popular choice because they’re more affordable and a lot cheaper than more technologically advanced mops.

2. Spin mop

While slightly more expensive than other types of mops, the spin mop is a popular choice among many cleaners in Singapore. They’re convenient, easy to use and can be operated by anyone. Why? Well, instead of squeezing the strings by hand every time, you can just wring them out by placing them in the spinner. How cool is that?

3. Robot mop

Robot mops are becoming highly popular because of the great convenience they offer to every owner. All you have to do is press on, fiddle with your preferred settings and you’re good to go! The robot mop will do the rest of its cleaning magic. But even if that’s the case, it usually only gets about 75% to 80% of the job done. This is because it doesn’t always get to the bottom of every corner and surface unlike human-operated mops.

4. Microfiber mop

Microfiber materials are known to absorb water and other liquids at a much faster and more effective rate. When converted into a mop, this quality only gets more ideal for home cleaning. Imagine, you can instantly clean everything with only one or two swipes. Not bad, right?

5. Steam mops

Combining technology and efficiency, steam mops are another popular type of mops available in Singapore. These machines are equipped with steam-generating holes that allow moisture and humidity to pass through, breaking down stains and marks right away in an instant.

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