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All About Botticino Marble

Marble Floor Cleaning Tips
Marble Floor Cleaning Tips
Staff Writer
November 10, 2021
Staff Writer
November 10, 2021
What's in the article?

Botticino marble is a unique type of marble quarried in regions of Botticino, Italy. The beauty of this type of marble stems from the beige-colouration reminiscent of sunsets in small Italian towns. Like other notable marbles in Italy, Botticino has its own distinctive appearance with a polished or honed finish. 

This unique stone offers a natural stone material that can be used in any part of the home or business space. As an Italian marble, Botticino is limited in quantity, and regulated in quality. True Botticino marble comes from one of the quarries in the region: Nuvolera, Serle, Rezzato, Nuvolento, or its namesake, Botticino.

Botticino marble has a grain-textured and feathery pattern that blends together in a monotone hue. Reddish-brown veining swirls around the beige background, as light dances on its polished surface to give off the inspired imagery of a sunny Tuscan landscape.

Popular Uses

Botticino marble is generally a calming stone, and can installed as a number of fixtures around the home including bathroom tiles, kitchen countertops, tile flooring, tile walls, and as a vanity counter in bathrooms. Slabs of the marble are used to create stunning pieces of kitchen islands and marble tables, and the polished surface makes it easy to clean up after.

Installation of this marble in the bathroom, kitchen, or as decor in commercial spaces requires professional installation, but the end results are a worthwhile project as the marble gives off warm, beige to peach vibes that brightens up any room. 

Care & Maintenance

Botticino marble is considered a soft material, as the stone is porous like any other marble. However, Botticino is known to be more durable and easier to maintain than other stones. As a general rule, Botticino should be maintained like any other marble stone. 

  1. Avoid acidic substances - Avoid using vinegar and other acids to clean your Botticino marble. Acidic solutions can cause etching on the polished surface, creating cloudy and rough textures on your Botticini countertops. Etching cannot be reversed, and will need to be buffed out and resealed by a professional to bring the surface back to a pristine condition. 
  2. Use only a pH neutral cleaner - Alcohol, bleach, and detergent can be too harsh for Botticino, so best to stick to neutral cleaners that won't corrode the surface of your marble. Cleaners formulated specifically for natural stone makes for the best option when it comes to cleaning, but diluted liquid castile soap works just as well.
  3. Re-polish the marble when needed - Botticino is noted to have long-lasting polish, but all types of natural stone will require re-polishing every now and then to remove surface scratches, stains, and to bring back the shine. Other than polishing, you may need to apply some protective seal onto your marble to keep it from trapping moisture and dust.

Other Facts about Botticino Marble

With the exclusivity of this Italian marble, Botticino is regulated in quality by qualified authorities in the region. Not all marbles can be extracted, processed, and shipped by any quarry, and Botticino marble often comes with its seal of authenticity as it is sold all over the globe. 

There are different lightness to Botticino marble as well, depending on the quarry that extracts it. Some Botticino offers a lighter peach hue, while others may be more of a dark rust color. Either way, the free straight veins on the surface gives Botticino its classic, signature look. 

Choosing Botticino Marble

Botticino marble makes an ideal inclusion into any space, offering a minimalistic yet sophisticated feel to the room. Known as one of the more durable materials, Botticino is simple to maintain as it does not require any excessive care from the general maintenance of marble stones.

To view other types of marble, visit our blog. For a full list of our marble and floor cleaning services, visit our shop website!

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