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The Best Ways to Clean Your Glass Doors in the Office

Office Cleaning
Office Cleaning
Staff Writer
May 28, 2021
Staff Writer
May 28, 2021
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Cleaning your office’s glass doors should always be done regularly rather than occasionally. With the amount of dirt that can build up in every corner of these doors on a daily basis, it’s important to schedule a regular cleaning routine to always keep it neat and spotless. In this article, we discuss the different ways and tips to clean your glass doors in the workspace.

How to Clean Office Glass Doors: 5 Best Ways

  1. Clean thoroughly from top to bottom - To clean your workspace’s glass doors properly, you need to clean it thoroughly from top to bottom. By applying cleaning solution to the surface, the liquid will drip and spread throughout the area, making it the perfect opportunity for you to clean as much of the surface as you can by using a clean and dry cloth. You do this by beginning at the top of the glass door and working your way down. Repeat the cleaning motion until the glass door is squeaky clean.
  1. Clean the glass door using a squeegee - If you find that using a cloth doesn’t do the trick in restoring your glass door to its former squeaky clean glory, try the magic of using a squeegee. Use and apply the cleaning solution to the glass surfaces and gently polish each section using the squeegee and water. If your doors are tall and hard to reach, you can use a long-handled squeegee to help you do the trick.
  1. Clean outside glass thoroughly - To clean the outside of the glass surfaces of the doors thoroughly, you need to remove any loose dirt with a soft cloth or feather duster. Afterwards, use a solution to get rid of any hardened water spots and grime. Using a soft absorbent cloth or a squeegee, wipe down the solution from the surface until clean. A helpful tip: do not wash the surface if the sun is shining directly on it; doing this will cause streaks which can prolong your cleaning process.
  1. Wash on a cloudy day - Since heat from the sun can easily cause streaks and dry your solution, washing your glass doors on a cloudy day is the proper way to do the cleaning chore.
  1. Regularly wipe off liquids and other substances that stick to the surface - To make sure that it remains clean and free from dirt, immediately wipe off liquids and scrub off other substances that stick to the surface. Since glass doors are always used by employees, fingerprint residues can also make their way on the surface every second. In order to minimize the chore of deep cleaning your workspace’s doors, it’s important to immediately scrub and wipe off any sign of dirt or impurities that will make its way to the glass surface.

Why Should You Hire A Professional Cleaning Service for Your Workspace?

Cleaning glass doors can be a complicated process. To keep them bright and clean at all times, you'll have to clean them frequently. Cleaning glass surfaces will also require the immediate removal of any slight dirt that can make its way to the door to preserve its clean appearance.

If tidying up your workspace is taking up too much time, then perhaps you should hire a professional cleaning service to help you save time and focus on what matters the most: your productivity. Hiring a professional office cleaning service like Luce Maintenance Group will ensure that your office gets the right amount of attention and care it deserves. Our highly trained cleaning staff will ensure that your workspace looks sparkling clean with every session. Contact us today and get a free quotation!

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