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Ultimate Guide on How to Remove Scuff Marks

Home Cleaning Tips
Home Cleaning Tips
Staff Writer
May 30, 2021
Staff Writer
May 30, 2021
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Scuff marks are a common and annoying occurrence for the average homeowner. From walls down to the floors, these lined, skid mark-like stains seem to magically appear at almost any given time.

So how exactly do you remove these marks? In this ultimate guide, we’ll walk you through the different ways when cleaning these dirty streaks from different types of surfaces.

How to Remove Scuff Marks from Walls

What You’ll Need

  • Soft white cloth
  • Magic eraser
  • Little bowls
  • Art gum eraser
  • Touch-up paint


  1. Clean with Cloth and Water - Clean the fresh scuff marks by scrubbing the dirt with a wet soft white cloth. This is the first step that you should do to avoid chipping away the paint of any surface you’re working on. Simply dip the cloth in clean water and gently scrub it against the affected area. Dry the whole area afterwards with another clean cloth and leave it to air dry.
  2. Remove Stains Using Dishwashing Liquid - For tougher stains that won’t budge with water, mix a solution of ½ teaspoon of dishwashing liquid and two cups of warm water. Get a clean soft cloth and use it to apply the solution on the scuff stained area. Add in a dash of baking soda powder if the stains are still difficult to remove. Once the stain is gone, clean the entire area by wiping it dry with another clean cloth dampened with water.
  3. Use a Magic Eraser - For tough-to-remove scuff marks, consider using a magic eraser to solve the trick. Simply dampen it with water and gently rub it against the stained area using steady pressure. Make sure to do this carefully to avoid chipping away any paint. Let the area dry with another clean damp cloth afterwards.

How to Remove Scuff Marks from Wallpapers

What You’ll Need

  • Art gum eraser
  • Liquid detergent
  • Water


When cleaning wallpapers, it’s always recommended to practice extra caution and avoid putting too much liquid on the material to avoid unnecessary damage. Try using an art gum first to remove the fresh scuff marks on the stained area.

If the stains still persist, try using a small mixture of liquid detergent and water. Make sure to spot check it first on a small surface to make sure it won’t damage the material. Once it’s good to go, go ahead and apply an ample amount of the solution onto the stain.

How to Remove Scuff Marks from Floors

What You’ll Need

  • Microfiber cloth
  • Tennis ball
  • Art gum or school eraser
  • Baking soda
  • Acetone nail polish remover
  • WD-40


When cleaning scuff marks from floors, always make sure to start with the most gentle and friendly method to avoid any additional damage to the floor.

  1. Remove Scuff Marks Using a Tennis Ball - Aside from keeping you fit and healthy, a tennis ball can also help you remove scuff marks from your floor. How? Simply grab an old tennis ball and make an ‘X’ cut in the center using a sharp blade. Slip it onto the end of a broom or mop handle and apply it against the stained area to buff away the marks.
  2. Scrub Away Scuff Marks from Wood Floors with an Eraser - If you’re dealing with marks on your wood, ceramic or laminated floor, simply use an art gum or a school pencil eraser to buff them away. Simply erase the marks like you would do on any piece of writing on a paper and clean the shavings from the floor afterwards.
  3. Use a Microfiber Cloth on Wood Floors - Microfiber cloths are another great option to scrub away scuff marks from floors. Simply rub a clean and dry microfiber cloth on stained wood, ceramic, stone and laminated floors and watch the marks fade one by one. If the scuff stains still persist, try adding a bit of water into the mix and rub again until you’re satisfied with the results.
  4. Deep Clean the Stains Away with Baking Soda Powder - For hard-to-remove scuff marks, simply dampen a cotton or microfiber cloth and add a dash of baking soda into the mix. Gently scrub away the stained area until the scuff stains fade away.
  5. Remove Vinyl Floor Scuff Marks Using WD-40 - Tough scuff marks on your vinyl floor? WD-40 can do the trick. Try spritzing a small amount of WD-40 on the stained area and buff it away using a clean and soft cloth. For best measure, try performing a quick spot check on a small and inconspicuous spot first. If everything looks good, then you can spritz more solution onto the scuff marks.
  6. Apply Floor Polish - Once you’re done cleaning, apply a good vinyl floor polish solution onto the area to restore its shine and sparkle.

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