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Santa Margherita Quartz - Type of Stone

Staff Writer
January 9, 2022
Staff Writer
January 9, 2022
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Santa Margherita Quartz, also known as SM Quartz or Santamargherita Quartz, is a man-made, crafted stone that mimics the veining patterns of marble. The stone is made with miniscule sands of quartz combined with strengthened resins to create a durable stone that is stain-resistant, waterproof, and compatible with heat. 


Santa Margherita Quartz is a relatively new type of stone, manufactured in the past few years as an alternative to marble. The stone has a niche popularity with designers, and has its origins in Italy where the stone is manufactured. 

As a design material, the stone is more cost-effective than marble, but is not used as often as natural stone or other man-made alternatives. SM Quartz continues to be a niche product that select homes and commercial spaces prefer, but boasts high quality of raw materials that will be sure to outlast any home fixture. 


Santa Margherita Quartz can be found in multiple colors from snow-white finishing, to a dark gray coloration that mimics concrete. Most of the variations in color mimic the patterns of marble, with swirled veining in a contrasting color inspired by natural Carrara marble, Nero Portoro marble, and more.

The stone can also be fitted to show off a speckled appearance much like granite. The majority of Santa Margherita Quartz is manufactured in light colors ranging from white to light gray, and some manufacturers create SM Quartz in beige hues. 

Surface-wise, the quartz has a glassy appearance with a smooth, polished surface. The non-porous material provides a sleek texture that is evident of the quality of resin used in making the material. 

Beneficial Features of Santa Margherita Quartz

Santa Margherita Quartz is made to be a more durable alternative to marble or granite. Quartz is arguably one of the hardest stone materials, only surpassed by topaz and diamond. Quartz, coupled with high-grade resin heated to a tough hardness, creates a non-porous surface that is waterproof and stain-resistant. 

The Santa Margherita Quartz is perfect for use in kitchens, as dirt is known to easily slide off the material. Cleaning up can easily be done by giving the surface a good wipe down, and the material is heat-resistant as well. 

Unlike its natural counterparts, Santa Margherita Quartz does not etch or corrode in acidic solutions. Vinegar, lemon juice, and other common acids will not affect the quality of the material, and will not leave any stains on the surface as well. The surface is scratch resistant, and can withstand daily use around homes and commercial spaces. 

Uses of Santa Margherita Quartz

Santa Margherita Quartz can be used in a multitude of applications that range from functional to decorative. The stone is great to use in areas of the home that often experiences a lot of moisture, such as in bathrooms and kitchens, as Santa Margherita Quartz works well in repelling water from its surface. 

However, the most common use for Santa Margherita Quartz is in the kitchen as a countertop or a kitchen island. The good heat-resistance of the stone, as well as its stain-resistant properties makes Santa Margherita Quartz great for kitchen use, where kitchens see the most moisture, oils, and stains. 

Santa Margherita Quartz can make the perfect additions to homes and commercial spaces as tiles, walls, and decorative flooring. The stone is a cost-effective and low-maintenance alternative to marble and granite, providing the same look and feel as the natural stones but without the intricate upkeep!

Care Instructions

As Santa Margherita Quartz is man-made, the stone is specifically crafted to be low maintenance, and can easily be cleaned with a mild soap solution. Commercial cleaning solutions, including mildly acidic ones, can be used on the surface without dangers of any potential damage. 

Simply wipe down the surface with your preferred cleaning solution, and use warm water to remove any oil or grease spills. Avoid using abrasive cleaning implements to prevent cosmetic scratches on the surface, but the stone is generally scratch-proof due to the high quality of resin used in binding the quartz particles together.

The stone does not need to be polished or sealed frequently, as countertops and flooring made with Santa Margherita Quartz tends to have a smooth, glassy surface already. As tiles, you may need to care for the grout more than the tiles themselves, as the grout can harbor bacteria and mold. Otherwise, the stone requires little to no maintenance.

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