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Vadara Quartz - Type of Stone

Staff Writer
January 24, 2022
Staff Writer
January 24, 2022
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Vadara Quartz, which is both a brand name and a type of quartz, is a durable material that provides the appearance of natural stone while possessing the durability of quartz material. The stone is often used as an alternative to marble stones, as Vadara Quartz is low maintenance and mimics the veining of marble.

Vadara quartz is great to use around the home as countertops, bathroom tiles, flooring, and even shower areas. The non-porous stone is made of at least 93% quartz material, and does not require a protective layer of sealant to keep moisture away from the stone. 

Vadara quartz is cool to the touch, and can be used in kitchens as countertops and tiles. The durable material allows for cleaning with most common household cleaning products without the threat of corrosion, damage, or etching.


Vadara quartz is a crafted material made with natural stone quartz that mimics the look and feel of natural stone materials like marble. The stone was created to provide a durable material that shows off a natural stone aesthetic while keeping the material low maintenance for residential and commercial use. 

The stone is made up of mostly quartz, one of the most durable materials we have, and has recently come around in architecture and design as an alternative to natural stones which may be expensive and require special care to maintain. 


Vadara quartz shows off an impressive clear-white background with thin, gray veins that resemble lightning strikes. The stone is similar in appearance to white marbles, but has a density and durability that surpasses the properties of marble. The white background may lean towards gray hues for some types of Vadara quartz, but generally boasts light, bright colors.

Due to its quartz composition, the material presents an almost pearl-like sheen with a slight transparency that gives the stone a unique look. The hardness of the stone is evident, and because there is no sealant needed for the stone, the raw material can be made matte or glossy depending on the preferences of the designer. 

Other types of Vadara quartz may contain a peach, beige, or ecru veining depending on the source of the material. All Vadara quartz are made to be smooth, cool surfaces that have a multitude of uses in homes, as well as low-maintenance pieces in commercial spaces.

Beneficial Features of Vadara Quartz

Vadara quartz is virtually maintenance free. The material is non-porous, which makes it impenetrable to moisture and oils. Vadara quartz is stain-resistant, mold-resistant, and can be cleaned with most common commercial and homemade cleaning solutions without any visible damage to the material or the surface. 

Unlike marble, Vadara quartz measures a minimum of 6 on the Mohs hardness scale, making it an incredibly durable material that is scratch-proof and heat-resistant. The stone is used as an improvement and alternative to marble, and delivers beneficial properties that make Vadara quartz a low maintenance option for use in homes and commercial spaces.

Uses of Vadara Quartz

Because of its durability, Vadara quartz can be used where marble and granite cannot: in areas where there is frequent mess, moisture, and oils. Kitchen countertops and backsplashes made with Vadara quartz are said to require little to no cleaning, yet provide the natural, classic look of Carrara or Calacatta marble. 

Vadara quartz is a premium choice to surround swimming pools, providing a sophisticated natural look. The stone does not react to chlorine or swimming salts, which would otherwise corrode natural stones like marble and granite. 

Vadara quartz is perfect to use in commercial spaces as the stone can withstand high traffic use, and will not be etched with mild acids like vinegar, lemon juice, and carbonated drinks. The material would provide a touch of class without the hassles of cleaning, and can be easily wiped clean for upkeep. 

Care Instructions

There is little care needed for Vadara quartz. Simply clean the surface as you would any regular home surface, and use a good quality cleaning solution to wipe the surface clean. Food particles, moisture, and oils can be easily wiped off for a quick clean without staining the material, and because of its non-porous surface, resealing Vadara quartz is not essential.

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