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"I have been taking cleaning services from Luce for a while now. The cleaners know their job well & Roi who is presently appointed for my place has been sincere and good at delivering cleaning services."
"Professional and prompt service at every interaction with every member of Luce' team. They arrived early, were very thorough and no hidden charges or attempts to do more or charge more than what they were asked to do."
- Stepehn Murphy
11 months ago
"Cleaner is good and professional. They might change the cleaners due to scheduling but the company is are fairly accommodating to adjust when you request. The cleaner baby mi pyu is very good and very hardworking."
- Hong Hwee Lim

Your Happiness,

Your happiness is our main objective. If you're not satisfied, we're going to work to make it right. Our friendly customer service agents are available 24 hours a day. The Luce Happiness Guarantee applies only when you book and pay for a service directly through the Luce Platform.

Our Pest Control Process

We diagnose and remove all types of vermin from households, offices and public buildings.

1. Inspection and Identification

First we will need to inspect and identify the type of pest you have in your area and the damage that it has caused. Our pest experts will check your entire property for damage the pest has caused.

2. Plan and Consultation

Following identification and inspection, our experts will create a customised pest control plan for your property for the complete eradication of pests. We will consult with you on the best way to remove and what chemicals and equipment will be involved.

3. Pest Elimination

Upon completion of the plan, our specialists will use state-of-the-art insecticide chemicals, traps and other equipment to ensure that the pests and their offspring are eliminated from your home.

4. Follow-up and Monitoring

We will then give you steps for how to minimise the chance of outbreaks reoccurring. For some types of pests, such as cockroaches, rodents and ants, you may need a secondary round of of pesticide application to ensure that the problem is fixed.

Signs of Pest Infestation


Dark coloured cockroach egg sacs deposited on your walls or floors
Moulted cockroach skins
Live cockroaches found, especially near areas that contain food when you turn the lights on at night
Cockroach droppings that are similar in colour and texture to ground coffee


Chewed areas of wooden floor underneath kitchen benches
Scratching noises under your floorboards or in your roof
Dark droppings on the floors inside or outside your house
Strangely ripped food packaging or shredded condiment lids


The presence of larvae in pools of water in or outside your home
A constantly high number of mosquitoes around your house
Red itchy bumps on your skin
High-pitched buzzing sounds while you are sleeping

Bed Bugs

Raised red bumps or a rash that has a burning feeling
Blood stains on your sheets or pillow cases
Tiny shed skins of bugs on your bedsheets
Strange dark coloured spots stained by bed bug excrement on your bed sheets


Ant burrows outside your home emerging from the dirt or tile grout
Small holes in the sealing material of your windows, doors or walls
A large number of live ants found in your house - especially around your kitchen
A small trail of ants following each other in your house - ants leave a scent behind for others to follow


White-coloured bugs that appear to be ants walking around your walls or floors
Holes at the tips of wooden boards
A hollow sound when you tap on your walls or floorboards
Termites flying around the outside of your home

Why Choose Us

Quality Assurance
All out staff are trained, bonded and insured
Easy Service
No hassle, no required sign-ups and no hidden fees
Customer Service
9 to 6 Call Support for all your cleaning requests
No Interruptions
Thanks to our dedicated reserve pool of cleaners
Quality Assurance
All out staff are trained, bonded and insured
Easy Service
No hassle, no required sign-ups and no hidden fees
Customer Service
9 to 6 Call Support for all your cleaning requests
No Interruptions
Thanks to our dedicated reserve pool of cleaners

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are your cleaners and technicians from?

Our staff consists of local Singaporeans, permanent residents and Foreign Workers with a valid Work Pass. Despite the diverse backgrounds of our staff, they are all consistently trained and licensed to perform the highest quality cleaning and technical duties. We make sure to strictly check the legal work status of our workers before deploying them for jobs around Singapore.

Are there any hidden fees or sign-up obligations?

None. We are very transparent with our pricing and conditions and the price that we quote you is the price you will pay. Some other cleaning companies require a sign-up fee, especially for low frequency recurring cleaning, but we don't charge any additional fees to clients .

Do I have to provide my own equipment?

We can provide you with equipment or you can provide your own. We do charge a fee if we are required to supply equipment. For home cleaning customers, we strongly recommend you to provide your own equipment, as we are sure you don't want a mop in your house that has mopped many other houses' bathrooms.

Can I change my cleaning schedule?

Absolutely. We are quite flexible. Just make sure to tell us at least three days in advance so we can re-timetable our cleaner or technician. If you are travelling and want to pause your cleaning schedule we can also arrange this for you at no added cost.

Your staff haven't arrived at my house at the appointment time

Our cleaning staff rely on public transport while our technicians use vans to get from job to job. There can be unforeseen circumstances that delay our technicians' arrival, such as being unable to find a parking place or being stuck in bad traffic. Likewise, our cleaners can also be impacted by fluctuations in bus schedules as well as road traffic.

Can your staff all speak English?

Our staff can all speak and understand at least basic English. For some of our staff, it is not their first language, so please be patient with them.

How do you ensure quality with your staff?

Our staff all receive ongoing training to ensure that they are performing their duties to the highest standard. We take feedback very seriously from our clients and incorporate feedback into employee performance improvement plans. If you have any feedback regarding a worker who you have been assigned, please send it to our customer support team and they will make sure that it is acknowledged and acted on.

Can I cancel my appointment?

Of course. Please let us know at least three days in advance so we can organise alternative arrangements for the staff we appointed to your job.

How do you ensure your staff are COVID free?

Our company strictly complies with MOH guidelines for avoiding the spread of disease and ensuring the our workers and clients are safe. Our workers temperatures are checked before they head out, and they are required to wear masks at all times when outside and wash their hands between jobs and after using public transport. We have checked our workers travel histories to make sure that we are always sending safe, clean people to your home or office.

Who do I contact if I have an issue with my booking?

Our customer service team will gladly assist you. You can contact them using the WhatsApp widget on our site and choosing 'Customer Support' from the pop-up menu .

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