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The Best Ways to Clean Your Office Carpet

Office Cleaning
Office Cleaning
Staff Writer
May 28, 2021
Staff Writer
May 28, 2021
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There are a number of ways to keep your office carpet clean and fresh. In this article, we discuss the best cleaning options and best methods that you can try every time you want to restore your office carpet to its original color and appearance.

How to Clean Office Carpet

  1. Carpet shampoo - This method is one of the best ways and a famous choice when cleaning an office carpet in Singapore. During this procedure, the carpet cleaning shampoo is applied and poured on the surface of the office carpet to create a foam reaction. This cleaning reaction attracts all the dirt and dust that have built up over time on the carpet’s surface and its deepest fibers. Once the dirty particles have been completely absorbed by the cleaning solution, it must stay on the carpet for an additional 30 minutes for drying. Afterwards, the dirty particles become brittle and will slowly separate themselves from the fibers of the office carpet. Any remaining dirty figments are then cleaned and collected using vacuum cleaner.
  1. Dry powder - True to its name, the dry powder cleaning method does not use any water solution when cleaning the office carpet. The dry powder used in cleaning is already highly absorbent and made of a solvent, water and detergent. This powder solution is first poured over on top of the carpet and evenly spread on the entire surface by using a rotating machine. Afterwards, it is left for an additional 15 minutes to soak into the fibers of the carpet. It is then finished off by using a vacuum cleaner that accumulates all the combined cleaning powder and dirt from the surface. A lot of dry cleaner services in Singapore may recommend this method of office carpet cleaning simply because it doesn’t need any water solution for the powder to work.
  1. Steam or hot water extraction - Also known as deep cleaning for many carpet owners, this method remains a popular choice for office carpet cleaning among many office owners in Singapore due to its high efficiency and effectiveness. It is known to remove up to 97% of carpet bacteria and dirt due to the method’s ability to reach even the lowest layers of dirt on the fabric’s fibers. Contrary to the usage of steam in its name, this method only makes use of extremely hot water that is converted into high-pressure mist for application. In order for all dust and dirt to be removed, the hot water’s temperature must be in the range of 150 degrees fahrenheit to 200 degrees fahrenheit. This temperature easily destroys the bacteria, dust mites and even the fungi living in the deepest fibers of the carpet.
  1. Foam - Using a similar method like steam carpet cleaning, the foam method makes use of a rotating brush and a large amount of shampoo solution to clean the dirt away from the carpet. The shampoo is normally spread on the carpet to create a thick and foamy reaction to strip away the dirt and dust. After it fully soaks into the carpet, the foam is further left for less than 2 hours to dry. Afterwards, the dirt particles and solution are then removed from the carpet by using a vacuum cleaner. Since traces of the solution are still on the surface of the carpet after vacuuming, a steam cleaning method should be performed to completely clean the fabric.
  1. Vacuum - Undoubtedly one of the most popular and accessible ways when cleaning an office carpet is by vacuum cleaning. Since every workspace has its standard vacuuming machine, this method can be performed anytime by any individual to regularly maintain the appearance and color of the office carpet. But to really make sure the carpet gets a deep and thorough clean, it would be best to accompany this with a solution-based method.

Keep Your Carpet and Workspace Clean

Keeping your workspace's carpet free from dirt involves a weekly carpet cleaning schedule that must be strictly followed and implemented. By following any of the carpet cleaning methods listed above, you can make sure that your office carpet will continue to look neat and fresh over time.

If tidying up your office is taking up too much time and effort, then perhaps you should hire a professional services company to help you focus on what matters the most: your productivity. Hiring a professional office maintenance services provider like Luce Maintenance Group will ensure that your office gets the right amount of help, attention and care it deserves. Our highly trained staff will ensure that your workspace is cleaned thoroughly with every session. Contact us and get a free quotation of our services today!

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