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How to Keep Your Office Fridge Clean

Office Cleaning
Office Cleaning
Staff Writer
May 30, 2021
Staff Writer
May 30, 2021
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Keeping the communal office refrigerator neat and tidy can be a challenging task. With a large number of employees stuffing and getting their packed meals from the fridge on a daily basis, it can be one of the workplace’s biggest sources of germs and disarray. Here’s an easy cleaning guide that you can follow to keep it spotless and organized.

How to Clean Office Fridge

1. Organize the fridge regularly and efficiently - Keeping the fridge clean has a lot to do with regular maintenance and organizing than deep cleaning. Here are some tips that you can follow to keep things extra neat and organized:

  • Leave a roll of masking tape and a marker by the refrigerator so employees can correctly label their packed meals and drinks with their name. Doing this will avoid incidents of misplaced meals and will promote accountability for employees to properly dispose their meals.
  • Have a supply of small plastic containers nearby so employees can use them to secure their meals and prevent any smell from mixing together.
  • Always transfer leftovers from takeout boxes to airtight containers to save additional space, minimize smell and prevent waste.
  • Keep refrigerator condiments such as spreads and sauces in an accessible area labeled “communal.”

2. Do a regular toss-out - Schedule a weekly cleaning schedule that will require employees to properly dispose their leftover meals and treats. You can do this at the end of the week during Fridays, where employees will be reminded to have their containers removed by that day. Here’s a handy guide that you can watch out for if something is worth getting tossed out of the fridge:

  • Check for items that are way past their expiration date. Toss out anything that has already expired to prevent any contamination.
  • Discard leftover meals and drinks
  • Rotten or moldy food items need to be discarded as soon as possible to prevent smelling and contamination

3. Sanitize and remove sticky surfaces - Did you know that unclean surfaces in the refrigerator can contain up to 8,000 bacteria per square centimeter? Most of these can pose great health risks and can even cause food poisoning. Protect the health of everyone in the office by regularly sanitizing and removing the stick surfaces in the refrigerator. Use cleaning solutions or even industrial-grade sanitizing machines to eliminate unsanitary stains that can be the cause of pathogens and other bacteria.

4. Clean the area behind the fridge - Apart from cleaning your refrigerator from the inside, it’s also important to regularly clean the rear area of the machine. Dust and dirt that have accumulated by the condenser coils can reduce the fridge’s efficiency, making way for reduced cooling which can cause food to go rotten. Make sure to eliminate the dirt and grime behind the fridge by wiping them off with a clean cloth and soapy water.

5. Practice good fridge etiquette for all users - More than cleaning your office fridge regularly, asking everyone’s work and cooperation in the office is the ultimate way to make it neat and organized. Here are some essential rules and reminders that you can implement:

  • Do not take food and drinks that do not belong to you
  • Label your food and drinks properly with your name
  • Clean after any waste that you make in the fridge
  • Store your food and drinks in airtight and leak-proof containers
  • Store your food and drinks properly

Why Should You Hire A Professional Cleaning Service for Your Workspace

Keeping your office fridge clean and organized shouldn’t be a problem once you have these rules set in motion. With a regular cleaning schedule and the cooperation of everyone in the workspace, your communal refrigerator experience should go without a hitch.

If tidying up your office is taking up too much time and effort, then perhaps you should hire a professional cleaning services company to help you focus on what matters the most: your productivity. Hiring a professional office cleaning service like Luce Maintenance Group will ensure that your office gets the right amount of attention and care it deserves. Our highly trained cleaning staff will ensure that your workspace looks sparkling clean with every session. Contact us today and get a free quotation!

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